Until You’re Okay (I Miss You)

I miss you
Fighting through the night the condemnation stayed
And never could I get the echoes just to fade
Wishing you were here but I could only pray
Solitude’s my only friend today

Could somebody make it easier to just clear up my mind?
If I decide to run away will I just see you in the end
See you once again?

Hey Grace
Fireflies are spelling out your name
And all the street lamps on my road of life all do the same
And as my heart begins to match their velocity
You’re lighting up my world in luminosity

What have I really got to lose if I let this go?
Of shallow motives that mean nothing in the truth
Nothing when I’m with you

I’ll hurt with you cause I know you’re bleeding
Fall asleep when I feel you dreaming
Watching all of my agendas fall away
You’re staring off but I know what you’re thinking
You lie awake but I know the feeling
Promise me that you’ll hold on
I’ll see you again someday

And if I’m the only person left that you can trust
It doesn’t matter cause after all this is about us
It’s about us

And when I finally get to see you again someday
I swear to God I’ll drop my life and hold
You until you’re okay, but until that day
I’ll hold you until you’re okay, I’ll take you away
I’ll hold you until you’re okay, but until that day

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