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Everything is art.

In all of my striving and my earthly attempts in this world to find purpose and meaning and fulfillment, I feel like I’ve been missing the purpose of what’s really going on here. As a musician, I have a long-standing relationship with my art, but as someone who has to also market it in order […]


Bad Dad Jokes live

Good times with my niece on a babysitting adventure one recent Sunday afternoon. ┬áSubscribe to my YouTube channel and maybe I’ll start posting some more videos. ┬áMaybe even some ones that actually have something to do with music, lol.  


And it’s back to the lab again

So it’s been a while and if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, I’m doing the foundational work for my next album. If everything works out, the album is going to be recorded completely by me. Working closely with a whole lot of my personal home studio equipment, I’ve been experimenting with a lot […]


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