The Pixie Dust Song

I can hear you laughing cuz I think I’m just a joke to you
And I may seem a little distracted, but it’s all I’m holding on to
You left me in a riddle and I guess I’d like to what that was about
Yeah, and was this a kiss or perhaps maybe just mouth to mouth?

Loneliness is a disease in which I desire remission
These shooting stars keep me thinking of you
You might as well slap the cuffs on ’cause my heart is in arrest
What would it have taken just to get you off of my chest?

It’s a beautiful life in a beautiful time and you ran out of pixie dust but I just know you can fly
Oh you can count on me, lovely, beautiful thing that I can’t touch or be breached, yeah you’re just out of reach
Your voice without rhyme or reason through the phone line leaving me unaware of the flowers in your hair
Would it make your heart mend if you knew I was faithful to the end and stopped living in fantasy and had a little trust in me?

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