Take Me Home

Today is gone, tomorrow’s come to me
I’m left watching the light that turns the tide in my mind’s sea
And holding back my greatest fear
This emptiness rings in my ear
It’s all I knew until I found you here

All these things are falling
And I can’t even stand
All these lame excuses
Are failing me again

I’ve stood my ground and I have fought
Though I never ceased to lose the plot
And overcome by the shame that I’ve got
I would let it beckon me
Just to make the people see
That there is something so much more to me

I’m lost in confusion
Don’t stop to tell me when
Angels are singing softly
To take my home again
To take me home again

Can you hear me crying?
Can you see my heart?
I just want to hear you now
I need you to bring me now
To the only place that I’ve known

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