Striving for Mediocrity

One night I held a party
Gave a call to all my friends and invited politicians
And people I deemed as credible
We stood and gave a toast to the problems we said that we could do nothing about as we continued to live in poverty of mind

Along that same night a stranger came to me and said “you couldn’t possibly want this”
I told him that he had guts and then I realized that stranger was myself
So I screamed that everybody get out because I won’t stand for this
I just wanted something better
Oh God, please give me something more

So I changed my sphere of influence and learned to think a different way
Ceased the excuse making and I stopped striving for mediocrity
And if someone should try to take me down
Make me live the same old way
Cuz they failed once or twice before
I won’t let you steal my dream

Is my dream big enough to get me somewhere?
To get me somehwere
To get there somehow

And in the company of angels I tried over and over and I guess it all ends with me surrendering here
And maybe someday I’ll learn to trust you and the people you put over me
And maybe, just maybe you can still make a man out of me

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