Could these words really be my heart?
Blindfold me and tell me I’m a skeptic’s work of art
This year has been a dose of harsh reality
And it’s my choice not to let it get to me

I guess I just forgot who I am
Or maybe I just need someone to tell me exactly what that is
I’m halfway still dreaming on this ship without a sail
But I’m alive as far as I can tell

Here’s to the good times or maybe just better than before
Hiding secrets I still keep away from the world
And I don’t know why I can’t have all the answers by now

I just can’t get the words to fall in line
I’ve been sleepless in Seattle dreaming of another time
I’ve reached rejection past the point of another point of view
And I just want to be safe with you
I just want to be safe with you

I’ve fallen the hardest but I’m not letting go of you
Cuz I’d rather reach the point of exhaustion than spend my life without you
I want to learn to breathe again but I have no oxygen
And from now on I’ll just breathe you

I’m chasing off lies and close my eyes as I begin to count to ten
Singing goodbye 2005 I hope I never see you again
And though I stand alone I’ve never felt so together in you

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