Me Versus Myself and I

I had a dream
You were standing there with me
I can’t believe
As you were wrapped in velvet but I
can’t believe my honest reply
can’t believe, can’t believe

I had a dream
You were standing there with your arms enclosing me
And suddenly I wasn’t so lost

Please come take my hand cuz it’s so cold
Would you please, would you please
Hold me

Once upon a time I saw your face light up my eyes as they were cynical, those eyes right there; you were by my side.
And I just ran to you for one more kiss and I could say goodbye, goodbye, the irony of you saying goodbye.
You were standing there.

I had a dream
I was rescuing you from all the dungeons all alike
Or perhaps just a normal life

You get me with your blue eyes in a white dress
Maybe I’m not so far from my damsel in distress

Once upon a time I saw the angle how the candlelight illuminates my heart when my eyes connect with yours.
And it’ll take all of me versus myself and I to try and convince me that I’m supposed to somehow live without you.

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