Hey Captivating

Hey captivated
Throw me a clue, say yeah, would you throw me a bone?
Some say it’s silly but I say it’s thrilling that I can’t leave you alone
I bid you adue from a few miles away and hey don’t mind me if I say
They can shut off the light bill, but they can’t take your birthday away

Did you dye your hair on an airplane cuz it’s looking like it turned jet black
I think you’re looking slightly emo and you want your brown hair back
You drive like a crazy chick and you’re driving me right up the wall
Maybe I want you to chase me, maybe I’ve been chasing you, babydoll

So hold the hand of your best friend there
I’m sending flowers to you from everywhere
Hopefully they’re the kind that never get stale
So breathe me in and I will leave this place
I’ll show you justice if you will show me grace
And we’ll keep things just the way they always were to me

Hey captivating
Throw me a line cuz you’ve got my heart on a string
I’m kind of like a sweater, if you pull the thread you’ll unravel the whole damn thing
When you get on the dance floor baby I swear you’re a real heart throb
But when it comes to singing, oh my dear, don’t you ever quit your day job

So how’s it going, I hope you’re doing well
Cuz things are difficult as far as I can tell
But you never lost the light that’s in your eyes
So show me up and I won’t leave this place
Show me justice and I will show you grace
And we’ll keep it the way it always used to be to me

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