Could I ever love again? Well, I don’t know
And I’m afraid of staring out my window
At the chance that you could possibly be
Staring through the rain right back at me
Is my life wrecked? Well, maybe just slightly
And I admit I’m just a little bit angry
Yeah, but don’t I have a right to be?
Does anyone out there really love me?

By faith I’m walking unaware
‘Cause I know that you will find me there
And as you hear my solemn prayers for them
I pray that love would fill my heart again

You finally got around to what you failed to mention
And you became a victim of good intentions
I never knew how much that I could take
I’m just a stranger in this world of my heartbreak
You could never truly love someone until
You know the risk and you know that I will
Forgive the things unjustly done to me
And embrace the people who really love me

I’ll finally let this go and then
I will find a way to trust again
There’s a hole in my heart where you used to be
But I still believe in destiny

I wish that I could save myself alone
But now I know I can’t do this on my own
And could I still believe in destiny?
Yeah I still believe in destiny

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