But There She Goes

She says he loves him but he doesn’t know
He thinks he loves her but he can’t let go

I can’t predict and that seems to be a problem I seemed to have made up in my mind
And I shouldn’t worry
As if I was married
I don’t know why she sticks around him
But there she goes

She sleeps alone and thinks of him
He dreams of things bigger than himself

As my thoughts run stray digging the hole I made
Is it okay to not be in love all at once?
Is it really a sin just to protect myself?
But will I make you pay for
The way I’m constantly overthinking
About something that doesn’t even matter?
What will it take, what will it take just to love you?

He doesn’t think he could ever love again
He thinks he’s simply a broken man
He thinks in circles
Ignores the colors
Wants to know why he’s not crazy over her
But there she goes

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