Angel in the Snow

November’s winds have gone; hence we brace ourselves for the brand new month
I guess it’s a season to remind myself not how to fly, but that I still have the wings
Where are you going without a jacket?
On a night like this, a girl could really catch a cold out here
Pale white faces in the autumn snow make me feel like somehow I’m still in the right place

And somehow it’s still the way your little nose turns red in the bitter of the cold
And sometimes I wonder if there’s a way that I could ever steal your shivers right from underneath you

Cuz I’m still waiting for my angel in the snow
And maybe you’ll be there
Hiding in the glow
And I’m still expecting the last flurry to fall
Through the icicles you fear
You’ve lost your mittens, dear

The season brings curiosities
Like when you wonder if the starfruit really tastes like stars
And we’ll stay in this coffee shop past closing until they kick us out
Until they kick us out

And I’m still mildly a little out of place
Am I still the only one who doesn’t get it?
One of these days I’m going to rack up enough guts to finally jet out of this town

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