Hi, my name’s Chris and I’m a music addict.

Music: the only language that everyone is born understanding. We use it to express our deepest joys and fears, greatest and darkest moments, celebrate, cry, laugh, or even as a gateway to other artforms. What would be dance or cinematography be without music? It moves us.

Music is a weapon against the wiles of mediocrity. Music changes lives. It wakes us up. It reminds us of who we are and sometimes makes us realize the less beautiful things inside ourselves that are harder to see. And then, music makes us want to change.

Music opens new doors and closes old ones. It makes you want to go on. It helps you remember that you can. It levels you out. It brings up the worst of times in a way that you can deal with it. It calms you. It heals you.

Music has not only changed my life, music has helped me truly live it.

I love music.

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