For aspiring songwriters

To the aspiring songwriters out there wondering how to write amazing tunes, how to write songs that mean something real, that affect people, that truly move your audience – this one goes out to you.

Good songwriting comes from having skill, rhythm, and a solid understanding of song structure (the ability to lay out your song and piece it all together).  Great songwriting is when you add passion.

If you want to write something real, you’ve got to be real.  Let your music reflect the deepest parts of you.  Be honest – even more honest than you are in your real life relationships.  Write something you’re terrified to show anyone (and not because you think the song’s not good enough or you’re just shy).  Dig down deep and do it fearlessly.

Take to heart that I’m not talking just about the words you write; great songwriting is speaking through the music just as loud as the words, and having both the melodies and the lyrics compliment each other and make each other stronger.  You’ve got to feel the music speak what you want to say, not just through your words.

I’ve written some songs in twenty minutes and others have taken years to finish.  Don’t be afraid to rewrite your song a hundred times.  Don’t be afraid to throw away songs or rip pieces of others out and put them into new ones.  Songwriting takes an enormous amount of practice, not just talent.  It’s okay to put your heart into it and not get so attached that you can’t change it to make it better.

Put love and purpose into every song and I think you’ll discover material you’ll treasure what comes out on such a deeper level.

Got something to add?  Feel free to write it in the comments below.

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