Everything is art.

In all of my striving and my earthly attempts in this world to find purpose and meaning and fulfillment, I feel like I’ve been missing the purpose of what’s really going on here. As a musician, I have a long-standing relationship with my art, but as someone who has to also market it in order for it to “get out there” it can be really draining on your soul and your heart, the backbone and the lifeblood of your creative engine. A lot of times in the past I seem to forget and got lost in the noise of trying to be a success or something else that’s equally as meaningless because there really is no definitive realistic measure of success, only opinions and perspectives of how it appears or should appear. It’s a lie, and I believe the only thing that really holds you back in this life are lies. I believe very strongly that the measure of strength there is in a person is the measure of how much truth that person has. And it seems to me that the more truth that I discover the more I realize that we are just in an artist’s playground. Everything you touch and feel and hear and see is all art. Every texture, every finger tip, every line in every piece of skin has a certain nature of beauty in its uniqueness. Once we are not held back from the limitations of the lies that we believe, we are finally free to see the art that we live in everyday, and how can we be bored in a world surrounded by art? I can’t help but from smiling on the days when I when I am in a state of true understanding of this idea and I invite you to go out and see the beauty that is surrounding you, that you are completely and utterly drowning in in every moment of your beautiful life. You have no reason to be bored or mediocre because that goes against the very thread of what you are. Art.

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