Fiftieth (Would You Still Love Me?)

Once I was a lonely traveler
And I knew you were the only road
And I still get lost without a compass
But I remember who I am when I’m with you

And I wouldn’t call you by name
Maybe we were destined for change
And I wouldn’t call you by name
Fifty years there’s just enough to ask the question

Would you still love me?
Would you still love me?
Would you still love me?

Do you still see the fire in these eyes
‘Cause sometimes I’m afraid we lost the magic
But I still remember you once upon a time
When you struck me speechless standing there

And I wouldn’t call out your name
I’d watch you get off of that train
Would you somehow love me the same?
Fifty years later I swear I love you even more

I’m old, I’m not what I used to be and I need to know that you still love me while you’re still and standing right there
Would you still be there in another fiftieth year writing this love song to me?


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