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And it’s back to the lab again

So it’s been a while and if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, I’m doing the foundational work for my next album. If everything works out, the album is going to be recorded completely by me. Working closely with a whole lot of my personal home studio equipment, I’ve been experimenting with a lot […]


Hi, my name’s Chris and I’m a music addict.

Music: the only language that everyone is born understanding. We use it to express our deepest joys and fears, greatest and darkest moments, celebrate, cry, laugh, or even as a gateway to other artforms. What would be dance or cinematography be without music? It moves us. Music is a weapon against the wiles of mediocrity. […]


The point you’ve “made it” as a musician?

At what point in being a professional musician is the point in which you’ve “made it?” I think we as musicians (or any branch of art really) need to stop believing┬áthe vanity (myself included). In my experience, the only songs worth writing are the ones that convey what’s genuinely inside of me (even though sometimes […]


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